How It Works

Taxseer performs many automated tasks behind-the-scene to ensure that all e-File requests submitted by you are e-filed to the IRS system, printing & mail requests sent to the respective systems, and provide you the real-time updates of the e-filing and printing status.

What You Do?

You can complete your forms directly on Taxseer in just a few minutes


Create Your Free Account

There is no annual maintenance fee for creating account on We don't ask for any credit card information upfront and you only pay when you submit the form on the site.


Set Up Your Filer/Payer Record(s)

A Filer is an individual person or a business efiling form 1099 & W-2. A Tax Professional can efile forms for unlimited filers through a single account.


Set Up Your Recipient/Payee Record(s)

A Recipient is the individual person or the business receiving 1099 or W-2 from the filer.


Fill Out The On-screen Forms

You can populate the forms manually or through the bulk import option. Our editable forms mimic the actual IRS/SSA forms.


Review and Submit Your Completed Forms

Our editable online forms mimicing the IRS/SSA forms makes it very easy to edit, complete and submit the forms.


Download and Print Forms

Once you pay and submit the form for efiling then we provide a consolidated recipient copy containing all recipient's copy for which the filing was submitted.

What We Do?

Once you have submitted your forms, we will:


e-File Your Forms Directly To The IRS and/or SSA

Taxseer's automated system creates the electronic file for all submissions in the day and submits the file to the IRS's FIRE system.


Offer Edelivery To Your Recipients

Taxseer's recipient portal allows recipients easy & secured access to all IRS forms submitted by the filer.


Print/Mail/Email Your Forms To Recipients

Taxseer uses the service of a renowned print/mail service provider to print/mail the recipient copy at an additional cost of $1.25 per form.


Notify You Via Email At Every Critical Workflow Steps

Taxseer platform sends notifications to the filer at all critical processing steps of forms efiling.


Notify Your Recipients

When a W-9 form or 1099/W-2 forms are eDelivered to the recipients then Taxseer sends notifications to the recipients on behalf of the filer.


Store Your Form Data On Our Secure Servers On Cloud

Taxseer stores your data and submitted forms for 7 years on cloud server at no additional cost to you.